Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Marriage is something that no one should enter into, or get out of, lightly. It’s a big commitment and once you make it you should be willing to work hard to keep it strong. If you marriage is in bad shape and you’re wondering: can this marriage be saved?, here are some tips that might help you out.

First of all you need to cut through all the garbage and ask yourself some tough questions. The first question is: do you really want to save your marriage? This may sound stupid but many people will just stay in bad relationships because they think they should. If that’s the way you feel you will be sabotaging your relationship (on a subconscious level). No one can have a good relationship if deep down inside they don’t even want to be in the relationship.

So once you’ve done your soul searching and you’ve realized that you do want to stay married to your spouse the next thing you need to do is figure out what is wrong and what part you’ve played in what went wrong. This can be tricky because it’s always easier for us to see the things our partner is doing wrong than it is to see what we’ve done wrong.

The reality is that both parties have played a part in the break down of the relationship. It might not always be 50/50, sometimes it’s more like 90/10, but each partner has contributed to the problems in some way. It could be something as simple as not standing up for yourself and letting your partner walk all over you. Then, suddenly, one day you’re fed up. Your partner feels completely blindsided because they have always acted that way and you never said anything before.

So, once you’ve owned up to your part in the problem you have to ask yourself, honestly, will you be willing to make changes? Real, permanent changes? If you can honestly answer yes to that question the next thing you need to do is talk to your partner and ask them the same things about themselves.

If your partner says yes they are wiling to try then your marriage has a chance. If your partner denies any blame in the failure of your marriage and instead blames it all on you then your marriage is really already over.

I hope this information helps. There is nothing worse than being trapped in a bad marriage, but you don’t want to throw away a potentially good marriage before you really try to make it work. So if you’ve ever wondered, ‘can this marriage be saved’ the best place to start is by having a nice long talk with your spouse.

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