Can You Really Attract Abundance

Is it possible to attract abundance? Attract more money? better health? more respect? more of whatever it is you are looking for in relationships? The Law of Attraction states that this is true. Its premise is that you will draw people to you according to your behavior, attitude, beliefs, etc. So, if you are a positive, optimistic person, you will attract those types of people to you. And, if you are negative and pessimistic, well, you will find yourself hanging around with those types of people.

Many people think this sounds too simple to be true. And others just cannot possibly imagine that they can be positive people due to hardships or downturns in their lives. But the truth of the matter is, you determine your mood and attitude, not your circumstances. Has life been unfair to you? Have you struggled with many issues? This can make things hard but it is also your attitude that can get you out of your negative circumstances. Those who choose to believe this know (or are learning) how to attract abundance.

So, how can you do this too? It all starts with the right attitude. No one can really question the results of having a positive outlook on life. Pretty much anyone has heard of or knows another individual who has overcome the odds despite numerous obstacles that were thrown in their way. They’ve managed to do this through positive thinking and focusing on the half-full cup rather than the half-empty cup. And chances are you’ve probably been in contact with at least one person in life who seems to have it all, but is still miserable all the time.

If you’re not currently in an attracting abundance mindset, you can get there by just telling yourself (often) that you need to renew your mind. This may take some time if you’ve lived your life focusing on impossibilities and hardships. But once you start making a conscious effort to open your mind to new beliefs and standards, you’ll notice how naturally things start to change for you. When you get to the point that you can see the positive side to everything that takes place in your life, you see that positive things are happening to you and that they will continue to happen to you. And they will.

On the other hand, if you believe that this is all some sort of hocus pocus and that you will never be able to get out of whatever undesirable situation you are in, then you won’t. Instead of attracting abundance energy, you will be attracting “deficit” energy.

When you live by the attract abundance rule, you believe that there is enough for everyone to have more than he or she will ever need. This eliminates any kind of greedy or jealous behavior. If everyone has more than they will ever need, there is no reason to ever feel these kinds of emotions.

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