Celexa And Cymbalta As Anxiety Treatments

Stress and anxiety have become such an integral part of modern urban life, and it is no wonder that the market now is riddled with numerous drugs designed to lower these all-too-common human problems. It is not exaggeration to say that most people living and working in the city, particularly those climbing up the government bureaucracy or the corporate ladder, have had to take a “chill pill” or two. The fact is, with the modern world’s focus on success and the “bottom line,” the average Joe always lacks the time to unwind and vent. Some,with utter resignation, would just point to the mysterious signs on the back of the US dollar and understand why they have to be “slaves” even in the 21st century.

Of course, this particular situation is a veritable goldmine for folks who make the aforementioned “chill pills.” Stress, fear, anxiety, and whatever else might fit into their category all have a drug or two that is designed to help deal with the effects. These drugs, which often tackle certain chemical transmitters in the central nervous system, can sometimes be made to target a number of conditions at once. However, it is generally more common to see drugs that target either specific or related conditions.

A prime example of this would be Cymbalta, an anti-anxiety and anti-depression drug. While by no means an obvious choice, Cymbalta for anxiety is gaining ground for being an effective medication for dealing with anxiety problems. Recent studies have shown that using Cymbalta for anxiety disorders is on the increase, though it is not quite as obvious a choice as cymbalta use for depression. This is likely due to the availability of more prominent medications that are on the forefront, whereas cymbalta for anxiety treatment is relatively new.

Celexa anxiety medication is also gaining ground in terms of commercial use and doctor-preference. Celexa anxiety treatment also works by targeting the central nervous system but the set of neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain are different. Celexa anxiety drugs have not been found to have any noticeable or significant effects on other psychological disorders, though research is still being conducted in this regard. Celexa anxiety prescriptions are really no more frequent than other potential anxiety treatments, though there are several patient testimonials that attest to the efficacy of celexa anxiety pills.

Of course, celexa anxiety and cymbalta for anxiety are not the only anti-anxiety medications on the market. There are still several other drugs out there, with similarities and differences from the examples mentioned above. A vast majority of them affect the chemical component of the central nervous system, which is believed to be the non-mental root of most anxiety-related disorders.

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