Choosing A Nursing School

I’ve been applying to nursing school recently. I’ve put applications in to several programs and am just waiting to hear back from them with their response.

I don’t really know what field I’m ultimately interested in, I just know that I want to go to nursing school. I figure that if I have a particular aptitude, it will show up during class.

The practical nursing program at the nursing school at Herzing College in Birmingham, Alabama looks nice. I like Birmingham and could see myself living there while I study.

The child and teen nursing program at the nursing school at Arizona State sounds interesting. I’ve been to Tempe before and I really like it there. I know that it is hot, but I’ve lived in Texas all my life and I think that I can handle it.

The University of California San Francisco nursing school has two programs that look good. They have one program for pediatric nursing and another for mental health nursing. I think that I might like one of those fields of nursing.

Geriatric nursing is not going to suit me, I don’t think. I read about the program for geriatric nursing at The University of Colorado at Denver nursing school website. It looks very comprehensive, but I feel no call toward geriatric nursing school programs.

Cognitive therapy is taught at the nursing school for the University of Delaware. They also teach a registered nurse refresher course that I obviously don’t need, yet!

What I have found is that there is a nursing school for every discipline and that all I really have to do is decide what state and town I like best. The nursing school I choose will probably work out just fine.

The greater considerations for me when it comes to nursing school include climate, population and community events. I liked to live places where there are community events to participate in. I would also like to find a nursing school that is near a large Unitarian Universalist congregation.

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