Citizen Ecodrive Watch – Solar Power

The Citizen watch company has been in existence since the early 1900’s and during that time has gained quite a reputation for innovative watch making techniques. One of the most famous of these innovations is the Citizen Ecodrive watch. These watches run on light and never need a new battery.

I know you may be wondering how in the world does it work? Well, light (any light – natural or artificial) passes through the crystal onto the specially designed ceramic watch face. From there the light passes through to a solar cell.

The solar cell converts the light into electrical power and it can be stored in a specially designed titanium and lithium-ion battery.

This battery doesn’t suffer from the degradation that is so common in batteries that go through the charge and discharge cycle over and over again. As a matter of fact, Citizen claims that the battery will last for 20 years of continuous use.

The length of time the battery will hold a charge varies from one model to the next but the minimum amount of time you will get from a fully charged battery is one month. The longest you can get from some models is several years.

Some models of Citizen Ecodrive watch can actually go into a hibernation mode to conserve the battery. When hibernating the hands won’t move but the internal quartz timepiece keeps track of time. As soon at your watch is exposed to light again, the hands will reset to the accurate time.

These watches come in many styles and models with a lot of different features, though they all boast the excellent craftsmanship that have made the Citizen watch company the biggest watch manufacturer for over 25 years straight.

There are many places that you can buy your Citizen watch and the amount you will pay will vary greatly depending on not only where you buy your watch but also what model you choose to buy. Some are as inexpensive as around $100 while others will cost closer to $1,000.

These watches can actually even be thought of as an heirloom that can be passed down from father to son or from mother to daughter. They will always keep time and they will also look amazing doing it.

There are many models that cater specifically to divers and pilots. These full featured watches have many unique features that can help you in the sky or underwater. All the extra features do come at a premium though since these watches tend to be at the upper echelon of pricing.

You most likely have plenty of places close to you where you live where you can buy your watch. They are carried by high end department and jewelry stores. If you can’t find any place close to where you live, or if you just want to find the best deal, you can always head online for your watch.

A Citizen Ecodrive watch will give you many years of great looking and accurate time keeping. I actually own one, I received it as a gift many years ago and still love it’s great looks and accurate time keeping. Enjoy your beautiful new watch.

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