Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

Everyone has the ability to be psychic. If you want to give clairvoyant psychic readings, first you need to refine your psychic skills and then you need to find a way to advertise your abilities and services.

Developing Skills

The first skill any clairvoyant psychic needs is the ability to quickly drop into a psychic space. While we all have psychic abilities, most of us do not know how to access those abilities easily or quickly. As a reader, you will need to be able to access your own psychic space while talking to your reading client.

One way to develop your skills is to meditate. By meditating daily and focusing your attention, with practice you will find that you are able to drop into receptive psychic space with very little effort. A simple meditation is to light a candle and focus your vision on the flame. Slowly breath in and out and let your mind quiet and become open and receptive. In the beginning this may take effort and you may find that many distracting thoughts float across you mind. Simply acknowledge the thoughts and bring your attention back to focus. After enough practice you may be surprised to discover that simply lighting the candle and sitting quietly will bring you into your personal psychic space.

Once you have refined your ability to drop into a receptive space, then you need to work on developing your ability to access another person’s spirits and guides for answers. You can do this by working with friends who are receptive to psychic readings. However, be careful of choosing a friend who you know well and may unintentionally depend on your own personal knowledge of that person for your practice readings.

Conducting Readings
When you feel comfortable with your ability to conduct readings with people you do not know well, one good place to begin marketing your abilities is at local psychic fairs. Very often larger cities have some sort of regular psychic fair. You can find information about these events at your local metaphysical store. In order to become a member of the reading staff, usually you have to give a trail reading in order to be accepted.

When you attend a psychic fair as a reader, remember that you may potentially be surrounded by many distractions, depending on the location where the fair is held and the setting where you are personally located. In some cases, psychic fairs are held at metaphysical stores which offer a quiet location. However, you may discover that the fair is held in a public park or even in a parking lot with various booths and tables set up for each reader. You may also find a variety of different kinds of readers, including not just clairvoyant readers, but also tarot card readers, astrologers, numerologists and even aura readers or Reiki practitioners.


While everyone has psychic abilities, being able to refine your own abilities to offer clairvoyant psychic readings takes a special ability. If you are able to accomplish this task, you may be surprised at the reception you find for your services.

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