Connecting External Hard Drive – Make Your Life Simple

There are so many great new gadgets that we can get that will enhance the performance of our computers. One of those is an external drive. For those of you who aren’t completely familiar with what an external drive is, it’s a small, usually around 5″x4″, device that can be hooked up to your computer to offer additional storage space. Connecting external hard drive is also a really easy thing to do.

To put the benefits into perspective, external hard drives come in varying sizes (in regards to the amount of data they can hold) one of the most common ‘small’ sizes is the 320 Gigabyte size. The reason I put the word small in quotes is because this size can hold over 1 million pictures or over 5,000 songs or over 400 movies… most of us wouldn’t consider that to be small.

You can also get a 1 Tera byte size. The difference in price is not even that much. The 320 GB size will be around $50 and the 1 TB size will be around $100 (of course the actual prices will vary depending on brands and where you buy them).

It’s unbelievably easy to connect these hard drives to your main computer. Most of them are connected using a USB cable. All you need to do is to attach the cable to the USB port on the back of your computer and then connect that to the USB port on the back of the hard drive.

You may need to format the external drive when you first get it, you can also do that after you’ve had it for a while to clear up some space on the drive. Formatting is very easy and will vary somewhat from one operating system to the next.

By adding an external hard drive you can greatly increase the amount of storage you have as well as freeing up some space on the hard drive of your computer. It’s not the old days when you had to erase some important files just to improve the operations of your computer, now you can save everything you want by transferring it to your external hard drive.

To connect your external drive here are some easy to follow instructions:

1. Simply attach the USB cable between your computer and your external drive.

2. Once attached you should get a set up wizard which will walk you through the process of connecting the two of them. Again, the exact procedure will vary from one operating system to the next ( it’s not much of a problem, most external drives are compatible with most current computers, but just make sure before you actually buy your drive).

3, Your computer should recognize the new piece of hardware attached to it and start by assigning your drive a name. Probably something like “Removable Drive F” or something similar.

That’s pretty much it. Just attach the cable and follow the set up instructions that appear on screen for connecting external hard drive and you’re good to go.

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