Considering Continuing Education? Bachelor’s Degrees Fast Becoming The New High School Diploma

When you were younger, the emphasis was always on going to a four year college or university and earning that Bachelor’s

degree in your chosen field. That was your ticket, they said, to getting a good job and making a good salary along with that

good job.

Bachelor’s degrees are still important, but are becoming more and more common as record numbers of students decide to pursue

their continuing education opportunities. You definitely need one to get any sort of good job (most of the time) but the really

good job opportunities go to those who take the time to pursue continuing education past the Bachelor’s degree.

Workers who earn a Master’s degree or higher will earn an average of six times more than someone who only receive a High

School diploma. People in high level executive and CEO positions in companies usually all have some sort of advanced degree

like a Master’s of Science or an MBA.

Many hiring managers will automatically be drawn to those people who have more continuing education on their rsums than

those people who only have a Bachelor’s because they know it takes ambition and commitment to pursue continuing education

like this. You will be able to command a higher salary, better benefits and job responsibilities if you have a Master’s

degree or higher. This can be especially helpful for women who have traditionally been looked over for positions that have

gone to men in the past.

So yes, it is definitely safe to assume and say that Bachelor’s Degrees are the new version of the High School Diploma. You

need one to get a decent job that pays okay. However, the Master’s degree is the new Bachelor’s degree. If you have one of

those, you are more likely to get the promotions and the money that comes along with it.

This said, there are many Master’s programs that will allow you to keep working in your current position while taking

classes. Students of the past had to drop out of the working world in order to get their degrees and this meant lost wages.

That is why many people didn’t choose to earn Master’s degrees unless they started on them directly after graduating with a


Colleges then realized they could have a ton more students if they would simply offer more flexible programs and classes.

Now, you can take classes anywhere in the world and turn in your homework each day with the other students in your class.

Or, if online classes are not your thing, you can find Master’s degree programs where you can take your classes after work

in the evenings or on the weekends. An Executive MBA program is even designed to meet the demands of busy professionals.

These Executive MBA programs continue to be a popular choice for workers across the world.

There really are no limits to what you do when you pursue continuing education and a Master’s degree.

Your overall life improves and of course, you can make more money.

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