Continued Education…..A Fun Way to Keep Your Mind Active After Retirement

You have been a hard and dedicated worker your whole life. You worked with your family on the farm or in the family business

and then moved on to your career and your own family. In fact, you have worked for so long that it is all you have really


You have dreamed of the day when you could hang up your working boots and retire to a life of leisure and possibly travel

the world with your spouse. However, you have been retired for awhile now and the traveling thing is fun, but tiring. And

you cannot sit around the house and just watch soap operas and fishing shows all day.

In short, you want mind stimulation and you would really like to meet new people while you are at it. How can you do that

without taking up gambling or playing bridge every day in the park? Well, the best way to do that is by signing up for some

continuing education classes.

Continuing education classes can help keep your mind sharp and help you learn a new hobby or subject all the while meeting

new people who share the same interests. Many community colleges, recreation centers and universities offer a wide variety

of continuing education courses throughout the year.

The easiest way to find these classes is to call up the colleges and recreation centers in your area to find out more about

their upcoming class offerings and how you can register. For example, you can take a class to learn how to make jewelry,

learn how to sew or knit, learn how to throw pottery or write the next great American novel.

Or, you can take more of an education type course like a Spanish language class or a literature course. The choices are

only limited by your imagination and drive to learn.

The best part, you will probably find like-minded people in your courses that you can become friends with. More than

likely, they are probably in the same boat as you and are looking for a way to occupy their time in retirement. You can

form a friendship with these people and build new relationships. And who does not like having a lot of friends and


The most important thing, it helps you continue to feel like you are doing something productive. You have spent the

majority of your life doing things for others: your parents, your spouse, your children and your employers. Now it is your

time to take up a hobby that you have always wanted to try but did not have the time for. Why not! You have worked hard your

whole life and completely deserve this time.

So pick up the phone and find out more about the upcoming courses in your area. By this time next week, you could be

creating the next blockbuster novel or painting a masterpiece that will eventually land in a famous museum. If you dream

it, it is possible and continuing education can be the missing piece to make that happen.

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