Cover Your Car With The Cheapest Motor Insurance Around

If you want to drive legally in the UK then you have to have insurance if you wish to drive on the road. And while this can be expensive depending on your circumstances it is a legal requirement. Therefore, if you are financially savvy, you have to do all you can to ensure that you have covered your car with the cheapest motor insurance around.

The cheapest motor insurance can be found by going online with a specialist car broker website, which in a very short time can get you quotes for the cover which is much cheaper than you would probably be able to find for yourself. However before you can get your quotes you first have to decide which type of insurance you want – there are three main types when it comes to insuring your car: third party only; third party fire and theft; and fully comprehensive.

Fully comprehensive is the dearest of all the cover but is essential if you have a new car or if your car is over a certain value, typically 4,000-5,000. Fully comprehensive gives you cover against such as fire and theft of your car and also for others to claim against you if you should be in an accident. It also covers you for loss of personal belongings and medical expenses if you should get hurt in an accident but policies do differ and you should always check the wording in the small print to determine what the actual policy covers.

Third party fire and theft will insure your car against being stolen and suffering damage due to fire, it will also protect you against others that claim against you if you should get into an accident. Third party only will allow others to claim against your insurance if you should get into an accident and is the cheapest form of insurance available. However, any damage caused by you to your car will not be covered, so if you will have to fund any repairs to your vehicle yourself.

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