Creating Artifacts for the Future

When you die, how would you like to be remembered? Would you like to be remembered for your fast cars, beautiful women and flashy designer wardrobe? Or, would you rather be remembered as a kind person who cared for others while selflessly serving your fellow man and saving animals in the process?

However you want to be remembered, you must remember this: the artifacts that you will leave behind when you die will serve as the means for people to remember you and what you stood for.

So, it’s safe to say that you really aren’t interested in thinking about death and your eventual mortality, right?

However, today is the perfect time to take stock in your life so far and decide how you would like to be remembered by friends, your children, grandchildren and extended family after you have passed on from this life.

Take a look around your house. These items will more or less be the artifacts left behind from your life if you died today. Is this mess of pizza boxes, beer cans and old magazines how you would like your legacy to be remembered? Probably not.

So what should you do today to help change your life and start creating a legacy for yourself that will last after you are gone from this life? Start by looking at your friends.

Are they people you enjoy being around? Are they people who will stick up for you when times get tough and come to your aid if you ever need it? Your friends are part of the artifacts you will leave behind when

you die. If they aren’t the type of people you would want to be involved with, look to find other friends.

Also, look at your personal hobbies and habits. Do you have a reputation for fast women and a fast life? You may want to rethink that as you continue to age and are looking to improve your life and the artifacts you leave behind. If you have a

bad reputation and a bad attitude towards people, those are more artifacts that you will leave behind.

Of course, you do not have to turn in to a saint, but you should be conscious of what you are portraying yourself as in the

future. If you don’t care about the type of artifacts you leave behind in this life, continue on the same path you are going. You will be remembered either fondly or negatively, that is your choice. Or, if you change your life and make better decisions, your life will be remembered with great joy and people will solace in the fact that you were a good person who created a good life and left the world a little bit better than how you found it.

The choice is up to you. Just know that the artifacts you leave behind will remain forever. Forever is a long time. You have

only one life so live it the way you best see fit and create your own happiness and reputation.

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