Custom Caskets or Customized Caskets May Take Longer To Deliver

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is very difficult, if you are the one tasked with planning the funeral (especially if the deceased didn’t make their final wishes known or they didn’t have insurance) it can be overwhelming. After all, planning a funeral is not something most of us do very often in our lives. One of the most expensive parts of the funeral is the casket, the prices for caskets can vary widely depending on many factors such as the material they are made of and what they are lined with. If you are considering buying custom caskets you will have even more options to consider.

Remember too, that any upgrades or custom designs will take longer. When it comes to a delivery time for the casket there really is no wiggle room. Make sure that you and the store you are working with are completely on the same page when it comes to a time frame for delivery.

Funerals are viewed as one last goodbye and a way to send your loved off knowing that they were loved and will be missed. This is one of the reasons that people like to pick out only the most beautiful casket for their loved ones.

For the most part you will be better off, financially, if you purchase your casket from either a local casket store or an online casket wholesaler. The reason is that there can be a significant markup in the price of the casket if you purchase it from your local funeral home. Casket sales are actually a big part of most funerals homes yearly profits so they try to get as much as they possibly can. Plus, they simply can’t do the high volume that an online store can do.

Some less than honest funeral directors will try to discourage you from buying your casket elsewhere, they may try to scare you off by telling you horror stories about someone who got ripped off buying their casket online, etc. The truth is that if you confine your online dealings with only the most reputable firms, you should be just fine. It’s against the law for a funeral home to refuse to use a casket that you have purchased from another place. They also can’t force you to buy some ‘package’ that includes the casket, flowers, headstone, service, etc. They can offer this option but you can buy as much or as little from them as you want.

Make sure that you take the cost of shipping into account when purchasing online, it’s also vital that there is no misunderstanding between the casket store and you as to the day and time the casket has to be at the funeral home.

Hopefully these tips on how to go about finding a place that sells custom caskets has helped. Having some knowledge will make this decision a little easier and the whole process can be over more quickly so you can spend your time grieving for your loved one.

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