Deep Cooker – Tips For Frying Your Birds

You bought a turkey and now you want to try to cook it in one of those deep cookers you heard about. The cooker you are looking for is also called a deep fryer and you can find them at any number of retail stores. Some are electric and some heat the oil using propane. If you do not already have one, you will also need to buy a propane tank and get it filled before you can use your cooker.

If you are going to be using your deep cooker indoors, your best bet is to buy an electric turkey cooker. Electric cookers are more convenient than the propane type because you can use them indoors, the propane type is for outdoor use only. Pot size averages about 32 quarts and will hold a 16-18 pound turkey with no problem.

Electric turkey fryers sit right on the counter in your kitchen and are convenient for use. Electric turkey cookers usually have some type safety feature that regulates the temperature of the oil and does not let it get too hot. Know that the oil in an electric turkey fryer does not heat up as fast as in a propane turkey cooker and takes longer to reheat to the proper temperature after you put your bird in the oil.

Clean up is the same for both types. You have to discard the oil and clean each of the turkey fryers in the same manner as you would any meal preparation utensils.

One advantage to having a propane turkey cooker is the fact that you do cook your turkey outdoors and you get to be outdoors too. Things just to seem to taste better when they are cooked outdoors no matter what they are.

You will also need to make a decision to buy either a stainless steel cooker or an aluminum cooker. What is the difference and why does it make a difference? Well, first you need to consider your budget. Aluminum is less expensive than stainless steel so it would stand to reason an aluminum turkey fryer will cost less than a stainless steel turkey fryer.

Aluminum turkey fryers heat the oil more evenly and more quickly because aluminum is considered a heat conductor therefore the pot helps heat the oil. Stainless steel pots may take a little longer to heat the oil but the clean up time is reduced greatly and the stainless steel will not pit if you do not get to it right away. Aluminum pits if you do not clean the spices off right away.

One other difference regarding aluminum and stainless steel is the fact that your aluminum pot will turn black on the bottom from the propane flame and be harder to clean than the small amount of black on the stainless steel turkey cooker.

You can buy either type of turkey cooker in kits. Everything you need is included in these kits except seasonings and some accessories you may want to buy to trick out your fryer like a marinade injector, an oil pump, and temperature control valve to make your turkey frying experience easier and more enjoyable.

Do not forget the protective gloves to save yourself from oil burns and you will need about three gallons of oil to fill your deep cooker to the proper level.

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