Diamond Rings For Engagement

Diamond rings have long been the traditional token of commitment and as such are given as engagement presents to brides to be. In the American and European tradition, an engagement ring is worn by a woman on the ring finger of her left hand. This placement of a diamond engagement ring indicates that she is engaged to be married.

In modern times, the engagement ring is given either during or just after a marriage proposal has been given. In this way an engagement ring represents a formal agreement about a future marriage. Oftentimes an engagement ring will be connected to a wedding band when the marriage vows have been taken.

There are similar traditions throughout history. There are many variations of rings being given to represent commitment and love. In ancient times, Romans believed that the ‘vein of love’ was situated on the left hand, specifically on the fourth finger. In Sweden and Brazil both the woman and the man to be married wear engagement rings.

Today, in the United States it is becoming a little more common for women to also buy an engagement or ‘promise’ ring for her husband to be. This practice is still quite rare but is gaining in popularity.

In some cultures and societies it is traditional for the engagement ring to cost about one month of the man’s pay. Some popular jewelry companies in the United States have promoted guidelines that project two to three month’s of pay for the purchase of a wedding engagement ring.

Similarly, in Australia some of the same multinational diamond retailers have suggested that a man spend two to three month’s salary on an engagement ring for his bride to be.

Designs of diamond rings have changed greatly over the years, but the fundamental aspects remain the same. There is traditionally a band of some type of precious metal onto which is affixed a gem setting that will hold the diamond or other precious gem in place.

Though diamond rings are the most traditional type of precious gem to be put into an engagement rings setting, many brides prefer some thing with more color, such as sapphires, rubies or emeralds. The type of engagement ring is really up to the individual. If you’re unsure about which type your bride to be would like the best, it’s up tp you to perform some creative detective work.

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