Dieting Fast Fat Weight Loss Programs, Why There Is No Such Thing

There are a lot of fast fat weight loss programs that people subscribe. There is no such thing. Here is why.

The Miracle Diet Cure

There is just no guaranteeing several pounds of weight loss in very few days let alone overnight. Fat in the body, especially the fat in the belly burns last. Fast fat weight loss programs have to be better qualified specially the “fast” word. All results of “fast fat weight loss” programs, without exemption, are inconclusive, under study at best although failed-until-now is an honest word. It may be unfair to give a blanket statement and call these products as scam but until a conclusive government report comes out the tip is don’t. Just don’t.

The Quick Weight loss Program

No two people have the same metabolism. Different bodies react differently. Again the “quick” word. This is a tired but proven catch phrase to make you draw out your wallet and part with your money. In a country where “busy” is the operative word and “no time” is the norm, it is just so sad to see good money wasted. Why? Because chances are the product is a hunger suppressant. Now, why in heaven do people have to earn so they do not eat. The usual given argument is to get fit but then again, why starve the body the nutrients that it will need to survive or at least be healthy?

The reason why the “fast” and the “quick” word needs better qualifying is this. All the energy that the body does not need, we know, is stored in the body as fat. Now fat is important (too much of it is not but that is another story). The fat in us is stored so that when the body runs out of fuel, it will draw from this storehouse of energy to keep it going for a long time but only when the energy stored in the muscles are depleted. But that is precisely the point. When we the body undergoes a weight loss program, the body reacts by storing as much energy that it could. It will recognize the lack of nutrients much similar to how we recognize that a food shortage is about to happen. Like us also it will store and conserve all the energy that it possibly could for future use. Like us, it will be very stingy in releasing the energy, releasing only as far as we would need to function. And that is exactly what happens. The body will first take out as much water from the cells. Next it uses the muscle for fuel. Then and only then will it use the fat that has been stored to enable you to survive. As the good book said, we are beautifully and wonderfully made, why tinker with that?

What to do then?

Regulate the diet. True, fat, sugar and sodium must be limited but that is because most of us take more than three times our daily requirement. Eat, but eat healthy. Get a good diet plan and stick to it. If there is too much temptation that you failed for a while, shake off the dust, get back on the saddle, and do it again. Exercise too because nothing is better than sweating it out. Muscles will only develop when stress is applied to it and so get a good daily workout. Get fit gradually. Disrespecting how the body is designed always end up badly. Fast fat weight loss programs? Nah.

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