Different Methods of Teleconference Meetings

Conference meetings and 3-way calls have long been a popular way to hold teleconference meetings. Business professionals and organizations have held conference calls in order to get relative information to board members and interested individuals. Three-way calling has been an important feature to thousands of people on a daily basis and is also used frequently. But there are actually more ways than one (the traditional teleconference phone call) to hold a teleconference meeting and you may be pleasantly surprised to find out some of the ways that you can hold your next teleconference meeting.

Skype – Free Long Distance

A popular way that has just been introduced on the internet is a big program called Skype. Using Skype, business professionals, organizations, and even clubs are able to dial-in and chat in order to have a teleconference meeting room. The program Skype has traditionally been advertised as a free long distance program, which is why many people are finding it increasingly important to use this piece of software as a way of holding teleconference meetings for members of the specific group or organization that they are a part.

Even though the concept of Skype sounds incredibly difficult to grasp, the program is actually very easy to use. It is designed no more difficult than a traditional chat room style program like MSN Messenger or AIM; however, it allows multiple people to be engaged in a conversation or chatting session all at once. This free long distance program is great for small businesses that need to hold teleconference meetings as soon as possible!

Internet Teleconference Software

Another way of holding a teleconference meeting is by using a piece of teleconference software that only needs to be downloaded and installed on your hard drive. Like Skype, these types of teleconference software allows users of the teleconference to either voice or type the words that they want to say. In addition, important presentations can be viewed by everyone who attends the meeting and these are usually controlled by the person who is hosting the teleconference meeting. The internet, indeed, has made great strides and important changes to the life of the teleconference meeting and software that can make it happen is readily available on the internet to download.

Traditional Teleconference Meeting

The first type of teleconference meeting was discussed earlier. These are the types of meetings that mimic the three-way call except that they allow hundreds of members to be on the conference call at once. Even though this type of teleconference meeting was the first type to be used by organizations and different groups it is also probably the first to be left out in the cold. As the other types of teleconference methods become more important and better, like Skype and other teleconferencing software, typical phone teleconferences will become outdated!

It really is important to know about the different types of teleconference meetings, though. Even though many people currently use these other methods for teleconference meetings, there are still many people who have no idea! Hopefully with the teleconference revolution more people will become enlightened with these new ways of handling teleconference meetings for their members!

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