Dinosaur Artifacts – Are They Still Relevant Today?

Dinosaur artifacts have piqued the interest of the world since they were first discovered. Who doesn’t remember seeing the

huge skeleton of the monstrous T-Rex and not get scared at its intimidating glare? Of course, we all do.

Museums still display dinosaur bones prominently in their hallways to show what they looked like, how they acted and what

they were capable of doing to other animals. Kids continue to visit these museums and become entranced by the skeletons that

tower about them.However, with the continued advancements in science and technology, do we really need the dinosaur

artifacts anymore?

We have learned the majority of the facts we need to learn from these creatures and we probably will not find out anything

else that we do not already know. But yes, dinosaur artifacts will always play a huge role in our society because we have

looked to these artifacts for years to understand what prehistoric times were like and what can happen when an environment

changes rapidly, a valid concern in today’s eco-conscious mind.

We should also always have dinosaur artifacts on display because children everywhere should learn about what dinosaurs and

their bones were all about. If we did not have the dinosaur bones on display, we would not have a good way to explain that

to children.

Sure, advances in technology can give us computer generated picture of what dinosaurs looked and acted like back millions

of years ago. We can also watch movies that show man-eating dinosaurs coming to life. However, there is truly nothing like

seeing and touching a dinosaur bone for the first time. The experience is like none other and no child should ever be

without htat experience.

Scientists and researchers should also continue to search for dinosaur bones for the foreseeable future. Why? Because we do

not truly know what is out there and we could find ancient dinosaur artifacts someday that will change everything we know

about dinosaurs and the artifacts we have now will truly play a part in bridging the gap between what we think is the

reality and what really is the reality.

To top it off, bone artifacts are simply cool to look at and touch with your fingers and hands. You are holding a piece of

history when you touch a bone and no other feeling is quite like it. Most people get shivers up and down their spines when

they touch dinosaur bones, it is a feeling like none other and it helps connect the past to the present.

It is safe to say that dinosaurs and the artifacts they left behind after extinction will always have a huge place in

science, no matter what type of technology is developed in the future. We will always have a need to understand the past

to really and truly understand our future and dinosaur artifacts will help bridge that gap for this and future generations

to come.

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