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If the burden has fallen to you to plan the funeral of a loved one, you may be feeling a little like a deer in the headlights. It’s an awesome responsibility to plan a funeral, when you’re grieving, that will convey the dignity and love that you want your final goodbye with your loved one to be. It’s even more difficult if your loved one didn’t leave any indication of what they wanted, or they didn’t have insurance and now the whole cost has to be taken on by you or other family members. There is one shred of good news though, you can find a top quality, beautiful discount casket so that you can save some money without looking like you saved money.

Many people will just buy whatever casket their local funeral parlor has in stock and/ or recommends, but that can be a costly mistake. Funeral parlors must obviously limit their business to the local community, therefore they simply don’t have much control over how much they earn each year, it’s not like they can have a sale and suddenly make some extra profit, so they will charge premium prices on the services they do provide. One of those services is casket sales. That is why you will almost certainly pay more at your local funeral home for the same type of casket as you would if you went to a casket store, whether online or locally.

Casket stores can ship to virtually anywhere in the world so they will have a much higher volume of sales and that often translates into lower per unit prices. That means you can get a casket for less than you would from someone who does less volume (such as your local funeral home).

Don’t allow anyone to browbeat you into buying the casket directly from the funeral home. There is actually a federal law that states that a funeral home must allow you to purchase your casket anywhere you want and they can’t refuse to use the casket you provide. They also can’t make you purchase expensive packages that include everything for the funeral such as the casket, services, flowers, headstone, etc. Of course they can offer you a package deal, but they can’t insist on a ‘all or nothing’ approach.

If you decide to buy online just make sure that the company you are dealing with is reputable. If you don’t, you may have a lot of additional stress and worry. If you limit your dealings to only the most trusted and reputable dealers you shouldn’t have any problems. To make sure there are no honest mistakes made, make sure you clearly explain exactly when the casket needs to be delivered to the local funeral home, and make sure to let the funeral director know when it will be arriving as well.

Also, when buying online don’t forget to include the price of shipping into the overall cost. Obviously, when it comes to a funeral, there is a very limited time frame and for that reason you may want to pay extra to have the casket sent overnight or second day air. Make sure to carefully consider all of these potential expenses.

Just because you are getting a discount casket it doesn’t mean that the funeral will be any less moving or beautiful. There is nothing wrong with finding the best deal you can without sacrificing quality, and if your loved one didn’t have any insurance, it may just be a necessity to do so.

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