Discover Southern Delight in Guided Tours of Argentina

In the deep south of South America is the large and amazing country of Argentina. For those who want to see whales in

their natural habitat and other natural beauty, guided tours of Argentina are available for travelers of all types and


Most guided tours of Argentina begin in Buenos Aires, where you’ll fly into the Ezeiza International Airport. After resting

up, you’ll take a guided tour of Buenos Aires and visit its most important visitor attractions, including the Plaza de Mayo,

La Boca, Telmo, the Obelisk, Puerto Madero, la Recoleta and the Palermo forest. It’s a lot to take in after just one day

but you’ll get a nice taste of what Argentina is like and you’ll probably get your first real taste of Argentine cuisine.

After taking in all that Buenos Aires has to offer, guided tours of Argentina will fly you out, perhaps to the city of

Trelew. There, you’ll stay in the town of Puerto Madryn, about forty minutes away from the airport. You’re now on the

eastern aspect of the country, along the Atlantic Ocean, where you can visit the Peninsula Valdes and Bird Island, places

where you can see marine life, including whales, when the season is right. Boats will take you out during whale-watching

season; have your camera ready.

Following your trip to the Peninsula Valdes, guided tours of the area will take you to Punta Tombo, a vital penguin rookery

and an important sanctuary for continental penguins in Argentina. Nearby is Trelew, a town with an amazing paleontology

museum-one of the most famed in all of South America. Called the Museo Egidio Feruglio, this is a great site for

paleontology buffs. You may also visit the Welsh colony of Gaiman, where you can enjoy tea and local sweets.

As you are still staying overnight at Puerto Madryn, guided tours will now move you on to Ushuaia, a city very near the

Tierra del Fuego National Park, located in the deep southern part of South America. You’re practically at the bottom of

the world there. While you’ll stay in Ushuaia, the national park is just six kilometers away.

Most guided tours of this area will allow you a great deal of time in the Tierra del Fuego National Park. This is where

you may be taking picture after picture in a part of the world that is 2500 miles away from Buenos Aires. The scenery is

fabulous and, in many cases, you’ll get a better look at it by boarding a ship in Ushuaia and heading back toward the park.

Onboard the ship, guided tours of this part of Tierra del Fuego National Park will take you through the Beagle Channel and

to Sea Lion Island, Bird Island and the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse. The view is spectacular and you stand an excellent

chance to see amazing wildlife in their natural setting. Still other guided tours will let you visit the lovely splendor

of the Escondido and Fagnano lakes. Dress warmly as you are very near Antarctica in this location.

After you’ve taken in the splendor of Patagonia and all of the wildlife it has to offer, guided tours of Argentina will

take you on a flight back to Buenos Aires, where you’ll fly home. This type of tour is both adventurous and informative.

You’ll see both the urban and highly rural aspects of this lovely country and you’ll see wildlife that is seen nowhere else

in the world in such natural and pristine settings.

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