Discovery Telescope – Superb Viewing

If you were to purchase a Discovery Telescope, you would no doubt be getting one of the premier, top-of-the-line telescopes ever made. Every single Discovery Truss-Tube Dobsonian Telescope is made…to…order. Custom. No assembly line here, folks!

And the optics are, quite frankly, some of the most amazing optics in the world. You must experience the Premium Pyrex optics for yourself to really appreciate the enhanced quality. At your next Star party take a look at the optics for yourself and see if you do not agree. These amazing optics are thoroughly tested until they can be classified as “diffraction-limited”.

Built by people who know and understand what the expert astronomer with the highest standards expects in a telescope, a Discovery Telescope is made of welded construction, has primary and secondary mirrors coated with enhanced aluminum, mirror mounts made of heavy duty metal, tool-free collimation, black foam covered aluminum truss-tubes, exclusive to the Discovery Truss-Tube Dobsonian Telescope are over-sized, Ebony Star laminated tube bearings and the unmatched quality of a hand-crafted Apple Ply Dobsonian mount.

Other amenities available with your Discovery Truss-Tube Dobsonian Telescope include a two inch Crayford focuser with a 1 1/4 inch adapter, a nylon Light Shroud, a Telrad viewfinder (or switch that out for a 7x50mm, your choice). Dust covers for the mirrors, an aluminum eyepiece shelf and a truss pole bag.

There are several other Discovery telescopes available to choose from and prices range from $999.00 for the 8″ PDHQ Dobsonian telescope to $3699.00 for the 17 1/2 inch f/5 Truss-tube Dobsonian Telescope described above with several mid-priced models of different sizes available.

Be aware that even if you don’t have the bank roll for the top-of-the-line Truss-Tube Dobsonian, you are still getting uniquely crafted, state of the art equipment for your star gazing enjoyment. For example the 8″ PDHQ still has the optics, the aluminum coatings on the primary and secondary mirrors, an aluminum mirror cell, Ebony Star formica bearing surfaces on the adjustable bearings and a split tube for ease of storage and transport, all mounted on a beautifully hand-crafted birch ply mount.

Telescopes can be used for observing the moon, groups of celestial bodies commonly called constellations, or double stars. The moon is easy to see with or without the use of a telescope, especially when there is a full moon but if you want a closer look, get that telescope out and set it up. Constellations are groups of stars that make big pictures in the sky. Double stars are just that, two stars grouped together. There are also multiple groupings of stars you can view as well.

The Astronomical League Double Star Club offers a list of the 100 best double and multiple stars you can observe on your own and once you do, you can earn yourself a certificate and pin to show your accomplishment and gain membership into the club.

So whether you consider yourself an expert astronomer with a Discovery Telescope or are just a beginner with a starter telescope, you will be able stop wondering about the mystery of outer space and actually see what’s up there.

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