Dummy Surveillance Camera – A Viable Inexpensive Option

With home invasions occurring at the rate of approximately one every fifteen seconds homeowners are using every means at their disposal to deter break-ins. But for some, having a security system installed in their home is simply out of their budget. That’s why more and more families are opting to have dummy surveillance cameras placed in their residences.

Since the main objective for this type of equipment is to deter criminals from targeting their home it is imperative that the device looks as much like the real thing as possible. By spending some time doing a little research it is possible to find models that are very realistic looking.

The reason behind their popularity is because they are still a deterrent for criminals. Burglars do not like the thought of possibly being caught. They will scout a neighborhood to find the homes that are not protected with some form of security measures in order to target the easy prey.

These models are very realistic looking right down to blinking LED lights to simulate an actual working model. This gives the appearance of having a system, but can save the homeowner many hundreds of dollars. In some cases, a more elaborate setup featuring the real devices can run into the thousands of dollars.

The intention of this equipment is not only to discourage criminals from preying on your home, but at the very least, to get them wondering if the system is real. If there is any doubt in their mind they will move on. There are plenty of homes that do not offer any type of protection so it is easy to find someone that they do not have to question.

Another important consideration to remember with this type of equipment is to keep the secret just that- a secret. Letting the word out to others may seem harmless, but there is no way to tell whom your friends will confide in. It may seem like a harmless remark to them, but word travels fast and before long more people will know.

Dummy surveillance cameras can’t always be used to stop crime, but they are an effective way to get a criminal thinking that they might want to pass up your house for another one that won’t risk them being apprehended. In the end, that’s all that a homeowner wants, anyway. And if it gives an owner peace of mind, then the cost is well worth it.

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