Economists in Singapore

While the quality education system in Singapore is well above average and the country boasts of the highest GDP per capita in the world, most of the parents still send their kids to economics tuition in Singapore for fear of missing out on their colleagues. Almost 70 percent of Singaporeans consider tuition to be a wise investment to prepare them for the professional world.

With a booming economy and a strong support for education in the country, the cost of tuition in Singapore is quite affordable. Many Singaporean parents who send their kids to economics classes choose to pay for their tuition through student loans. The average cost of a semester at a private university is close to USD 650 while an economics class is generally less than an hour long. Private universities can be found all around the island including the capital city of Singapore.

The costs of tuition in Singapore is quite reasonable and you will still receive excellent results from your education. In fact, some schools even award diplomas for students who perform well on tests. If you are interested in taking an economics course, the best bet for you is the Singapore Institute of Management University which has been recognized as the number one institution in the country for economic learning. However, it is important that you do your own research on the schools in the country because not all schools are equal.

One of the most well-known private universities in Singapore is the University of Science and Technology (UST). The university was founded back in 1948 and has made a name for itself by offering top quality education to both locals and expats. Ust offers students the chance to pursue a degree in the area of economics with no particular subjects prerequisites.

Other than these two well-known universities in Singapore, there are many others that offer tuition. Private tutoring services have also opened up, offering flexible and affordable tuition to families who want their kids to go to an institute that specializes in economics. In addition, many of the institutions also offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities which can be a great way for students to socialize with other students in their communities.

Economists in Singapore are very much needed these days. As the country continues to develop and become an economic power, more jobs are going to demand the skills of these professionals.

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