Electric Grandfather Clocks – Plug It In Enjoy It

Some people like the idea of having a grandfather clock, but they’re not so thrilled with having to remember to wind it once a week or every eight days. For those of you, and you know who you are, there is something that can help you out: electric grandfather clocks.

These clocks rely on electricity to keep the movements running smoothly, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to wind it.

You don’t have to forfeit great style if you opt for an electric clock. You will still have a wide variety of styles and options to choose from. There is even a Harley-Davidson style grandfather clock!

More and more people are getting back into the idea of having a grandfather clock. These clocks were once thought to be ‘only for old people’ but the advances in styling available today means they can fit into pretty much any decor and even into a wide variety of budgets.

Grandfather clocks are also called long case clocks and tall clocks, are generally between six feet and eight feet tall so they will catch your eye no matter where they are placed in your home.

They can be hip and chic or they can be the ornate beautifully carved pieces of time keeping art that many people immediately think of when they hear the words ‘Grandfather clock’.

Some of them are made of metal, some of them are made of various types of woods. The most common woods are cherry, beech, mahogany, oak and maple. The metal clocks can really bring a fresh, modern and even a little funky attitude to whatever room it’s placed in.

Some clocks have a square top and some have a round top. There are many different levels of ornateness and carvings that go into each category.

The color of the stain on the wood can vary significantly too. They can be stained cherry, golden oak, dark oak, and many other stains in between. You can even find clocks that have painted finishes. Some of these finishes might include some stenciling.

The metal models can also come in unfinished metal either polished or brushed and painted metal. Again, these aren’t your grandfathers grandfather clocks!

Many of the clocks will even have shelves built right in so you can display other collectibles. The size of the pendulum as well as the finish can also vary greatly from one model to another.

I think I’ve made my point. No matter what your taste or your decor I can almost guarantee that you can find a grandfather clock that will fit right in.

Grandfather clocks aren’t just for your parents and grandparents anymore. No matter what your age, or style, you can find a tall clock that will capture that style. And, if you’re like me, you’ll appreciate not having to remember to wind your clock every eight days. Your search might be narrowed a little bit if you only want electric grandfather clocks but you’ll still have a lot of choices.

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