Email Psychic Readings – Do They Work

Email psychic readings don’t require you to visit a psychic or even speak to one on the phone. Can someone really predict your future through email? Don’t you have to speak to them at the very least? And isn’t it better if you can meet them in person or they can touch you or see your palm?

An in-person psychic reading is a unique experience. And whether or not the psychic touches you or not depends on their method of reading. Not all psychics work in the same way, or get their images and ideas the same way.

An in-person psychic might never touch you. They might read your tarot cards, in which you’ll only touch the deck to cut it and will never touch them. Many tarot card readers can give you an excellent and accurate reading this way.

It’s true that unlike email psychics they do at least get to be in the same room with you. They can hear your voice and read things from your appearance and demeanor. But phone psychics don’t ever get to see you, and many people get good readings from them, too.

A phone psychic does have the benefit of hearing your voice. This connects them to you through your voice so that they can read your tarot cards or simply get psychic images that focus on you. Phone psychics often don’t need anything but the telephone connection and for you to say your name.

There are also psychics who will read the letter you write to them and respond through the mail. While they never meet you or hear your voice, they have in their hands your letter. It’s an object you touched and put some of yourself into with your writing.

If they’re psychometric, they can get impressions based on touching the same object you did. This will be the only connection they have to the person wanting the psychic reading. Yet they can give an accurate reading.

Psychic readings by email are the most impersonal of all these readings. Because the email you send is electronic, the psychic doesn’t even have the benefit of touching the paper you wrote on or seeing your handwriting. They have only words on a screen.

Yet some psychics can forget a connection through these words and give you a good reading. If someone is allegedly psychic, any connection should be enough, whether it’s your voice, your letter or an email.

Not every psychic will be able to do a reading through email, however. Many psychic readers and fortune tellers rely on clues in your posture, your expressions and your voice to get cues about what they’re saying. In these cases, there’s as much psychology as is there is true psychic ability at work there.

If you’d like to get a psychic reading by email, definitely do research before paying for one. Find out what other people online are saying about the email psychic readings from the particular psychic you’re interested in to make sure that psychic is a good choice.

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