Event Planning 101 for Dummies

Have you ever been in charge of ordering food for a whole lot of people? Or perhaps you have been tasked with the responsibility of making sure that everyone is comfortable or there are enough chairs and seating arrangements for everyone at the event you are attending. Whatever the situation, chances are that we have had some sort of event planning experience in our lives whether we actually realized it or not. On the other hand, if you have had no experience in event planning yet have to take on a group of 100 people and attendees then it can be a very difficult task to know what to do first and how to arrange everything that needs to be done! Here is some important information to consider, though, about the whole ordeal:

Use Professional Contacts

The first thing that you’ll want to do when event planning is to make sure that there are enough activities going on for everyone. This may involve being able to get entertainers to perform, making sure that there is enough food for everyone to eat, as well as making sure that everyone has enough elbow room in the whole building or space that the event will be held at. The best thing to do in a situation like this would be to just start someplace and make the event grow. In other words, one method that many people use is to simply look up names of professional contacts in the phonebook and start calling. Once you start calling those people who are usually entertainers or speakers at large events, or contacting businesses to see if they would be able to provide enough food for everyone then your event planning skills are all the more better and the whole event will start to take shape!

Don’t Leave Out the Basics!

Of course you also don’t want to be caught up in the details of the event planning for the day that you don’t even think about the basics. One issue that is often forgotten about is how many cars will be coming to the event and whether or not there will be enough parking room. Furthermore, are the directions to the event clear-cut or do some clarifications need to be made by sending out small, printable maps to the guests and attendees coming to the event?

Get Others Involved!

On the day of the event you naturally don’t want to be running around like a fool trying to get everything to be done, so getting the proper help is necessary to keeping your event planning cool! If you even have to outsource some of the jobs on the day of the event then it would be perfectly okay to do so, but there may also be volunteers that are ready and standing-by to help. Asking around never hurts and you just never know how much help you’ll be able to receive!

All of these ideas are crucial in order to make event planning easier on yourself and anyone who gets involved! There are so many things to think about, but making sure that you stay calm in the process is perhaps even more important!

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