Event Planning for Beginners

Whether you have just gotten involved with event planning or you know someone who has just started their own event planning franchise or business, most likely you already know that event planners are very busy, have most of their day spent with their clients, and sometimes are too overworked to actually look at themselves in the mirror. However, beginners in the event planning industry probably already realize that most of their time is accounted for when they wake up in the morning, but being on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week is one of the keys to being one of the most superb event planners in the United States.

Indeed, knowing the time requirement that an event planner must make is only the beginning that those who are just starting out should realize about the event planning industry. There are plenty of other things that one should know about, so here are some basic ideas to think about for those who are just beginning with event planning:

Communication Is Key

As mentioned, your event planning business will need to be on-call pretty much all day long. Even though you may turn your cell phone off during sleeping hours, communication is key with the event planning business and so your clients should be able to get a hold of you at any time of the day no matter where you are. It is also important, as the event planner yourself, to answer those beeper noises and cell phone rings when they come.

If the calls don’t come from potential clients then chances are that they are coming from clients that are already having trouble. In other words, for your event planning business you are essentially the main line to customer service. Being at your virtual desk everyday and all-day long is important to not only your event planning business but also to your clients as well!

The Second Key: Understanding

As an event planning business owner you will also have to wear numerous hats when dealing with your clients. One of these hats, even though you may not like wearing it most of the time, is the sympathetic hat. If your client is having trouble with something for some reason or another then you must put on the hat of understanding. In addition, if your event planning clients disagree with you on a specific topic then you must also be understanding! Chances are that if this situation arises then you should naturally defer your opinion to your client since customers are always right, but since you are the main event planning it’s very important not to conceal your honest opinion as well!

For beginners, these can be some of the most useful tips for anyone around. In order to succeed with your event planning business one must be able to be understanding and communicate effectively; all businesses have special keys for their business, but communication and understanding are the two keys for your event planning business!

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