Event Planning: One Week Before the Event

As the story goes, there are actually very many people who actually do not have the best of event planning skills. If it were up to many people throughout the world many of the event planning responsibilities would not be done until the last minute or the week before the event. However, if one is going to truly excel with their event planning skills then the first idea that one must get his or her mind wrapped around is that organization is crucial to having a successful large event. Many large events are scheduled at least a year before the date of the actual event, which leaves plenty of time for event planning and other important duties. The big issues should be taken care of as soon as the event is known about, but what follows are some things that an event coordinator should do about one week before the scheduled event:

Last Minute Details

If you were not solely responsible for the event planning duties of the large scheduled event then chances are that you designated some of the responsibilities out to different sub-committees and sub-groups so that things would get accomplished in no time flat! One week before the event, though, the main leader should meet with all of the sub-committees and groups in order to go over last minute details. Much of this might typically be called “housekeeping” issues, but they are still very important to the event planning mentality and making sure that everyone is on the same page that close to the event!

Follow Up Phone Calls

Another thing that must be done one week before the scheduled event when performing event planning duties is follow-up phone calls. Follow-up phone calls are very important because there are some people for whom the event could have slipped their mind. The most important people that phone calls must be placed to, though, include the entertainer for the event, the main speaker, the food caterer, the music group (if any), and whoever else was hired to help with the main event!

Gather Volunteers

It is highly likely that the day of the event that you will be rushing around trying to get a lot of things done at once. For this reason, though, gathering volunteers to help with small things, including initial registration and check-in of attendees, is very important! Any event planning professional knows that volunteers are frequently used, and there are very good reasons that they may be put to work the day of and throughout the whole event!

Of course there are many other things that one should do the week before the main event takes place. For example, a few of the other last-minute event planning details that were not discussed above include confirming the number of people that are attending the event, making seating arrangements if any, creating nametags for the people attending as well as the people who are volunteering for the event, and distributing last-minute flyers and advertisements. It is important that everything goes according to plan when it comes to the actual date of the event and all of these things are important to making sure everything is right on schedule!

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