Eye Anatomy

The ability our eyes have to focus on things close to us as well as those far away is fascinating. The study of eye anatomy details how our eyes work. This information is also helpful in identifying problems with a person’s eyes and methods for correcting the situation.

How well an individual is able to see depends on the level of function they have in the areas of the eye. Believe it or not, but the small region we call the eye actually has many distinct areas that make up our ability to see. The cornea is the most important piece of the eye. This part reflects light, giving up a window to see the world through.

The lens of the eye helps bend and reflect light for the cornea. The lens is surrounded and protected by the cortex. The retina is a very thin layer of tissue lining the inner eye. This area captures light as it enters the eye. The retina sends messages to the optic nerve that in turn sends a message to the brain about what is being seen. To give the eye shape, the vitreous fills the center of the eye. It is mainly water. The white part of the eye is called the sclera. The iris is the colored portion of the eye while the pupil is the black inner part of the iris.

The structure of the eye can be compared to that of a camera. We all know the camera needs a lens and film to work properly. The various parts of the eye work to allow the eye to see as well as to make a picture of what is being seen.

It is very important to keep your eyes protected. Getting objects in your eye or other types of damage can hinder your eyesight or leave you blind. Protective eye gear should always be used when you are working with any type of debris or materials that can get into your eye. Even very small pieces of material can cause quite a bit of damage to your eyes.

Understanding the anatomy of the eye has allowed science, medicine, and technology to develop ways of improving eyesight. There are cornea transplants for individuals who are losing their sight. There are also laser surgeries to improve your eyesight without having to wear corrective lenses. While you may see someone who has beautiful eyes, it is your own eyes that should amaze you as they are a wonderful way for us to capture the beauty of this world.

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