Facts Of Life Insurance

Purchasing life insurance is an important decision and a major commitment. Before you sign the dotted light and buy your policy, get the facts and find answers to any and all questions. To get the best coverage for your hard-earned dollar, here are ten important things that you need to know about life insurance:

* Don’t put it off. You know that you will need life insurance sooner or later, and now is the best time to buy. Purchasing early in life lets you choose from the best policies possible, and allows you to save money on premiums.

* Shop around. Before signing the dotted line, take the time to browse the market. Learn about the various insurance companies, review the different policies available and compare rates. The Internet is an excellent source of up to date information. Do a little homework today; you’ll save money and be confident in making a wise decision when it’s time to buy.

* Stay strong. People with healthy bodies and smart lifestyles pay the lowest premiums. People who smoke, drink, take drugs, suffer obesity or even have poor driving records will pay a great deal more for life insurance.

* Find the right amount. Some people make the mistake of buying more insurance than they need, and ultimately paying a higher premium. On the other hand, others may underinsure by choosing a policy that is too small. Try to find the happy medium and find the insurance plan that best suits your individual needs.

* Save money with more coverage. If you can afford to, consider increasing your coverage, as premiums tend to get cheaper as coverage amounts increase.

* Review your plan. It’s important to review your policies whenever you undergo a life changing experience. If you have a child, or if your children are entering college, take a look at how your policy may be affected. Periodic reviews help you ensure that you continue to have the coverage that you need, and that you are paying the right premium.

* Don’t pay unnecessary commissions. Many insurance companies charge high premiums that include the commission of the agent and/or broker. Seek out a ‘No Load’ policy that contains none of those hidden costs. You pay only for the policy that you’ve purchased.

* Don’t count solely on your employer. Group life insurance is a nice benefit, but it may not be enough to meet your needs. Additionally, most group life insurance policies are terminated should the employee choose to leave the company. The most reliable long-term coverage you can have is an insurance policy that you’ve purchased yourself.

* Choose annual payments. If you pay your life insurance monthly, you will pay a higher premium. In order to save money, change your plan to half-yearly or annual payments.

* Tell the truth. Never lie or hide information when applying for life insurance. If you are found guilty of hiding the facts, such as trying to cover up a smoking habit, the company has the right to terminate your policy at any time.

Choosing a life insurance company and buying a policy are important decisions, and there’s no such thing as too much information. Find out all you can and make sure you’re receiving the best coverage available before you commit to your new life insurance purchase.

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