Finding MP3 Ringtones

MP3 Ringtones are great because even though they lack that retro je ne sais quoi, well, you can actually tell what song they’re supposed to be. Then again, what’s so great about removing the fun of guessing which song the muzak-like ringtone symbolizes? I for one sort of enjoy that guessing game.

Now it’s a completely different story when it comes to a song I really like and respect. I suppose then it is a question of proper reverence. It just doesn’t sound right to hear Beethoven in midi format. I mean how many times can you hear ‘Ode to Joy’ with only a fraction of the orchestral magic that the tune requires intact?

So maybe MP3 ring tones have a place in today’s fast paced and thoroughly wired world. If nothing else it sure makes using custom rings (what people hear that call your number) that much more fun. After all, half the fun of choosing special call tones for each person that calls you to hear is being able to meta-say something with the lyrics of the chosen song.

There are simply tons of MP3 ringtones websites from which you can download songs, but many of these are scam sites that will be padding your cell phone bill with recurring membership charges that you never knew you were signing up for. If you have the hardware to connect your cell phone to your PC why not make your own ringtone?

First, search your cell phone service provider’s website for the MP3 ringtone that you want. If you can’t find it there I recommend the method mentioned above. If you must use a third party ringtone site just be very careful and read everything -including agreements that are only linked to-before agreeing to download anything.

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