Free Weight Loss For Teens – Safe And It Works

Believe it or not there are free weight loss for teens programs available to help your teen get fit. According to studies, 30% of the country’s teenagers are overweight or are at risk for becoming overweight. If your teen is one of the 30% they run the risk of being one of the millions of adults who are also overweight which increases their chances of having heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and some cancers.

One program is called Slim Kids and provides free weight loss for teens and children online programs to help them learn to manage their weight. The program educates teens on how and why they have become overweight and shows them what steps to take to take off the weight. Slim Kids advises and encourages eating healthy and in moderation, with a sample meal plan included, and learning how to get regular exercise. As I said there is a free version available for teens and if your teen wants to get more in depth on the site you can upgrade for them for a reasonable cost.

SparkTeens is another free program available for teens. SparkTeens is an offshoot of SparkPeople, an adult weight loss program. This interactive program allows your teen to track their weight, caloric intake and exercise every day. It is proven that if your teen tracks their progress they will have more success and stay motivated. Progress is highly rewarded with praise and earning “stickers”. There is a community forum where your teen can find others who are in the same boat so they know they are not alone and they can find support. Connecting with peers and keeping on track can be a big boost to your teen during their weight loss journey.

Sometimes the best program is the ‘Mom And Dad’ program. Try to get your teens to go for walks with you. Offer to sign them up to your gym so the two of you can workout together, if they don’t mind being seen in public with you, they are teenagers after all. Encourage your teens to get more involved in buying and preparing food. All of these things will help them learn valuable life long healthy habits.

Do not let your teen take this journey all by themselves. Chances are if your teen is overweight, you are too. Join SparkPeople as your teen joins SparkTeens and track your progress together. I am not saying that your teen is overweight because you have made poor choices but we all know our children emulate us and take what we say and do as gospel.

There is plenty of free information online even if you do not want to join these programs. Come up with something that works for you and your teen together with advice from your teen’s doctor. Your teen’s doctor actually is the first place you should go to for advice on your teen losing weight to rule out any health problems even before they start losing weight.

As a concerned parent I’m sure that you are happy to learn that there are many options for free weight loss for teens. Just pick out the one that works best and work with your teen to make permanent lifestyle changes.

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