Give yourself a headache

Now I’ve always thought that pain is mostly mental, it just makes sense. I’ve got myself into trouble with that statement before, but here is why I bring it up:

I just finished writing several articles on different Diseases and Illnesses. Topics like: Tinnitus, and Thrush, Lice, Tuberculosis, Porphyria. What is Tinnitus? ricies. Where I’m going with this: After you look at pictures, read and write on these different topics, you start to feel unclean and a bit sick yourself. Why is that?Why is it that some people will faint when they give blood, and others can be surgeons?

A quick question. Do you believe that it is possible to give yourself a headache? Or a sore leg? a headache, or a stomach or a pimple or a?

It’s an interesting idea but after writing this article I haven’t been able to stop itching my head:

“Pediculosis, is the technical term for infestation of lice. Lice are parasitic insects that live on the bodies of humans. Often times this condition is known by its more common street names: Head/Pubic/Body lice.”

“Most commonly symptoms of lice infestation include itching. If excessive this itching or scratching of the infested areas can cause sores. These sore area’s can become infected.”

There are some pretty nasty things out there. My suggesion: sensitize and sanitize yourself from as many as them as possible. Don’t get curious and look at the pictures, or read the info. Avoid contact with infected people and washing your hair never went too far astray.

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