Gone Like Magic Wrinkles Age Spots ROC Skin Care

If you are worried about the effects of ageing on your skin, you need to look into ROC skin care.

Roc skin care is a product line of the major manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. Their line of products can be found in the skin care aisle of most major drug stores.

RoC was originally founded in France in 1957 by pharmacist Jean-Charles Lissarrague along with a collaboration of dermatologists. The product line has always emphasized it’s relationships with dermatologists.

Roc skin care products came to the United States in 1999. It’s U.S. formulations are specifically designed to stop the appearance of ageing. Johnson & Johnson continues to invest in extensive research and clinical studies to test and produce the best products for the boomer market.

In 2003, RoC introduced a line of soy based products based on clinical research that showed that soy has enhanced anti-ageing properties. This line is called RoC Soy Complex.

The Soy Complex has been clinically proven to visibly diminish age spots, improve skin tone, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and provide moisturizing benefits.

RoC skin care scientists used soy in its complete form in order to keep intact its essential active components, proteins, lipids, and anti-oxidants. The result is that the Soy Complex maximizes soy’s effectiveness as a skin care supplement.

The Soy Complex line consists of an anti-ageing daily moisturizer, a moisturizing night cream, and a facial cleaner.

Another product is RoC’s anti-wrinkle line which are based on Retinol. Retinol is a fat soluble vitamin that is important in vision and bone growth. It is naturally found in eggs and animal livers.

RoC Retinol enhances your skin’s ability to renew itself. When you are young, this is natural. As you age, your skin loses some of this ability.

RoC was the first company to introduce Retinol in its pure and effective form.

Johnson & Johnson recommends that you begin using RoC Retinol products in your early thirties to get the maximum benefits from it. You’ll only apply a small amount to start with, but you need to stick with a program over time. If you are using Retinol, it is imperative that you also use a SPF 15 sun screen when you go outside during the day.

RoC Retinal comes in daily moisturizer with SPF 15, night cream, eye cream, deep wrinkle serum, and hand cream with SPF 15.

The final RoC skin care line is called “Lift and Define.” Lift and Define uses a patented blend of glycerin and Vitamin E to strengthen and tone your skin.

Women find that after just four weeks of use, their skin is firmer and fine lines vanish. After the recommended course of 8 weeks, many women feel as if they had a face lift with more definition along the jaw line and chin. The eye contour is also improved.

The Lift and Define product family includes a night cream, a serum, and an eye cream.

All of RoC Skin Care products help to reverse the effects of ageing on the skin.

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