Grandfather Clocks – Germany Is The Birthplace

Many people today who are looking for great grandfather clocks, Germany is the absolute place to go. They feel that since Germany is the ‘birthplace’ of clock building it only makes sense to go there to buy their heirloom clock.

In Germany there is the Black Forest. This is the region where many famous clock builders got their start. With the abundance of beautiful wood species to choose from as well as the precise German engineering available, it only makes sense that this region has produced some of the most beautiful and precise clocks ever.

There are many companies today that make grandfather clocks and a lot of them will still get the parts from a German manufacturer. It’s not always easy to figure out just where the clock you are buying was actually made, since many of them won’t put a name on it.

Before buying your new clock you should take some time and research the various dealers available. This is a big expenditure and you want to make sure that you only deal with a reliable company.

These big clocks require special care and set up. You can’t just enlist the help of your buddies and load it into the back of a pick up truck. Despite their beauty, these are complex pieces of equipment and they need to be handled very carefully.

There will be some steps you will need to take to set your clock up. Again, having a reliable dealer that you can ask questions of, if needed, is very important

Today’s clocks have a great deal of options in styling so they can fit into virtually any decor, even contemporary. There are choices in the woods of the clocks as well as the styling details and finish.

Grandfather clocks come in oak, pine, mahogany, beech, and
cherry. Each wood has it’s own distinctive grain pattern. Cherry, for example, has a very fine grain which means you don’t notice the grain as much as you do with an oak. Pine tends to be softer than a hard wood like oak.

You can get a clock that has been hand painted or you can get one with a varnished finish. The styling of the top of the clock can come with a split pediment, bonnet, or flat top. The combination of these features will determine how well a particular clock will fit into your home’s decor.

Even though there are many manufacturers of grandfather clocks, many of the parts are still manufactured in Germany, with the German level of excellence.

Whether you buy a clock from Howard Miller, Ridgeway or one of the other clock builders, you can be assured that the quality is just as high since it’s often a case that the actual inner workings of the clock will come from that very same German engineering.

Going to the source and buying original grandfather clocks, Germany is the place to go. By doing so it is a great way to add style and function to your home. It can even be a great heirloom that can be passed down to your kids, and maybe some day, even your grandkids.

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