Healing Your Past With Meditation

We all know it is not possible to roll back time or undo or change bad decisions we made in the past,however using meditation we can change the way we feel about the bad decisions we made in the past so that they will stop tormenting us here in the present. We all carry a lot of baggage from the past,such things as maybe a broken heart,hurt feelings,or bad memories of friends or loved ones that have lied,cheated,or betrayed us,events that may have brought us pain,or we may torment ourselves over opportunities we may have missed out on or even wrong choices we made in our lives.

We absolutely cannot allow ourselves to let things in the past we cannot change take over our present lives.Meditation is simply collecting our thoughts in a relaxing atmosphere.If you take the time to learn how to heal your past it will enable you to be happy in the present. You may ask how can you heal the past? You can look at past situations you cannot change in a brighter light with a new understanding on the events in the past have hurt you.When your by yourself in a quiet place start your meditation.

Think about how whatever may have happened to you in the past may even be a benefit to you.You know how bad you felt when something or somebody said or did something to you that you felt that you had no purpose in life or was not good enough to associate with others.Meditating about how those things in the past made you feel helps you to understand how others who are now in the same situation you were in then feel about themselves.

You know how they feel so you maybe can tell them your experience back then and how you turned it around and made a life for yourself.So many of us just need someone to take the time to just say hello or nice day isn’t it? Just a kind word to someone who has had a bad day can make all the difference in the world. My dear sweet mother told me all the time that you can kill more flies with honey. Meditation can make you feel so much more positive and give you a different outlook on life in general, it is something very positive you can do to help yourself.

What she meant was if you have been around someone that wasn’t pleasant or had a bad attitude don’t act like that person does, instead just turn the other cheek and it may rub off on the person who has a bad attitude. Meditation could be the key to this happening. So you see meditation can be used to turn bad situations into something good or even good situations into something great. Shining the light of the new understanding on those events that happened in the past will help you have a feeling of acceptance, peace,and happiness.

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