High Intrest Savings Accounts – Online Or Offline

Can you get high intrest savings accounts offline? Well, I guess that depends on what you mean by high interest. You can certainly compare rates with several of your local branch banks to find the one that offers the highest rates. You may be surprised at how much fluctuation there can be from one bank to another. But, for the most part, if you want really high rates you will almost always find a better rate with an online account.

Finding the best rate from an online bank is pretty easy, all you need to do is visit the website Bankrate.com to compare interest rates from one bank to another. once you’ve narrowed down the best rate you can then visit that banks website to check out other restrictions.

It is important to look over many aspects of the bank before you open an account. The interest rates is a very important thing to consider. Just a 1% difference in rates could make the difference in the amount of money you earn. Depending on what the rate is, how much you have invested and how long it stays invested a higher rate could earn you ten’s of thousands of dollars more in interest, that’s worth a little bit of your time.

Of course, looking for a bank that has friendly and knowledgeable customer services is very important too. It’s important that you have someone available to talk to if and when you have a problem. Another thing to consider is the minimum amount required to open an account. Generally speaking with high intrest savings accounts the better the rate the more money you’ll need to deposit to open the account. You will also need to keep a minimum account balance in the account. Find out all of these things before you open your account.

Also make sure that the bank you choose is FDIC insured. You may not realize it but even an online account can be covered by federal insurance. If the bank you are considering isn’t FDIC insured do yourself a favor and keep looking. You might as well use every available resource to keep your money safe.

CD’s can offer you another option when it comes to a safe, and high paying, savings accounts. This type of account does pay better than a regular savings account, but you need to commit to keep your money in the account for a set period of time. The length of the term can vary, the longer the term the higher the interest in most cases, but to get the interest you will need to be willing to keep the money in the CD. If you get your money out early you will sacrifice a big lump of the interest you’ve earned.

There is more than one option available when you are looking for the best rate of return for your money. Whether you choose to look at an online bank, an offline bank, a regular savings account or a CD, there are a lot of ways to drastically increase the amount of money your money earns you. Use these tips to find the best

high intrest savings accounts for your money.

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