How Is Alcoholism A Disease?

There has been much debate over the years about if you can call alcoholism a disease or not. Few would doubt that it is a problem, but whether or not to call it a disease is another matter. A disease is an abnormal condition that has a negative effect on a bodies functions causing them to be impaired. It will have specific signs and symptoms that are associated with it. Alcoholism meets those standards.

Alcoholism can be considered an obsession of the mind that brings about a physical need to drink. It isn’t a symptom of something else like another disease, it is its own disease. The condition is not normal and it has a negative effect on the body that can and does get worse over time. The symptoms and signs of the disease are consistent and specific. Alcoholism is an involuntary controlling disability that puts one afflicted with it at a disadvantage.

The condition will last over a long period of time and will not stop until the alcoholic is either treated or dead. It effects one’s emotional and physical state adversely and can have a negative impact on a person socially. They tend to worsen over time as the drinking continues.

Those who drink may need external help in trying to get healthy. They reach a point where they are unable to limit the consumption of alcohol and it takes over their life. Those who have a problem with it has an unhealthy preoccupation leading to an obsession of alcohol. It consumes their whole person and makes life without it painful and miserable. The feelings are both physical and mental. When one suffers from alcoholism, they will continue to do it despite the negative effects on them and the world around them.

An alcoholic will live in denial that there is a problem and will do everything they can to hide it or dismiss it.

Alcoholism will cause other issues to come about, none of which are beneficial. It harms their social networks and relationships. Families may be lost as well as jobs and homes. It does damage the heart, liver, and kidneys. It can cause cancer as well as other mental health problems such as dementia, depression, and anxiety.

Whether you consider alcoholism a disease or not doesn’t take away from the fact that it can cause a great deal of harm to those who are afflicted with it. No matter how you look at it or what name you attach to it, it can tear one’s world apart. Lives and relationships can be destroyed.

If treatment is sought soon enough, it can be overcome. The longer one waits to deal with it, their chances of recovering decreases. If you have concerns or questions about alcoholism and treatments that are available, don’t hesitate to seek answers. A doctor can tell you the health risks that come from this unhealthy obsession. Whatever you do, don’t hide from it or try to downplay it. Take action.

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