How to Be a Host of a Teleconference

If you’re like most people right now then all the teleconference knowledge that you have right now rests on the basis of the 3-way call. Granted, the 3-way call was an important concept in the life of the teleconference, and the 3-way and multi-call phone teleconference is what we’ll be focusing on in this article. But before we get into the nuts and bolts of how to be the host of a teleconference call you must know that the internet has literally revolutionized the way teleconferences are conducted. By dialing a number on your computer (if you have a dial-up internet connection) or instantly opening up an invitation to an online teleconference individuals all over can be instantly connected while keyboard and voice chatting to conduct the business that they need to conduct.

Teleconference Host Basics

But if you are going to host a teleconference call and you have never hosted one before then there are a few things that you should know. The first is that whenever an individual joins or leaves the teleconference call then there will usually be a high-pitched beep in your ear signaling that a person has, indeed, left the teleconference. So this isn’t just a buzzing in your ear, rather, everyone on the teleconference call can hear the sound of the beep that comes through.

The next thing that you should know about hosting a teleconference call is that you should greet each and every individual who comes through on the line. This will be a lot harder if you don’t know everyone’s name, but you could have a requirement at the very beginning of the teleconference call instructions that everyone has to introduce themselves, or at least state their name, when they enter the calling conversation.

An important thing to remember about being the host of a teleconference call is that you actually are the host of the teleconference call. In other words, you are the person to start the teleconference meeting off to a good start. You are also the person to close the call and make sure that everyone knows everything that is being said by you. If conducting a business meeting then you’ll want to make sure that you leave room for questions at the end of the call so that members can ask pertinent questions. If there have been important things that have been left out then you’ll want to make sure that you go back over the information that you disseminated and include the things previously left out.

At the end of the teleconference call is when you will know whether or not you were a successful host or not. You can usually tell whether you are a successful host by the number of people who are still left on the call when the teleconference meeting is over. Of course, there will more than likely always be individuals who lag behind everyone else because they want to talk to you in private. However, a good idea would be to state in the conference call a separate number where they can personally reach you to discuss private matters or any other questions that they didn’t want to ask for some reason or another.

All in all, being the host of a teleconference call is not difficult at all, but certainly takes some patience with the people you are hosting for. If you pay careful attention and are attentive to your members then you will definitely have more successful teleconference meetings in the future!

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