How to Build Up a Collection of Christmas Decorations

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to decorate your house in a way that reflects the theme of the season? There are many traditions of decorating that surround Christmas time, from the ornaments on the tree to the lights that hang from your rooftop. When you first start decorating your own house for Christmas, you may find that your collection of decorations is lacking. If you use a special strategy and just buy the essentials the first year, you can slowly but surely build up your collection every year and eventually have a house decoration collection that would rival Santa himself.

If you have children, you can create a fun little Christmas tradition out of getting ornaments. Let the kids go to a store that has a lot of ornaments, and let them each choose one. Encourage them to choose something close to them – something meaningful. Write the child’s initials and the year on the ornament, and hang it up on the tree. Over the years, the child will see a growing collection of ornaments, and be able to see what his or her interests were in the past. This gives your tree a very personal feel, and you can even let your kids take their collections with them when they move out.

If you don’t have kids and you are looking for a way to decorate a bare tree, you should look at yard sales after Christmas to see what sorts of ornaments people are selling. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a huge box of ornaments for a fairly low price. Chances are that you won’t be entirely happy with some of them, but it is possible to find some really neat ornaments at yard sales. Buying a whole tree worth of ornaments at the store would end up costing quite a bit, so this will allow you to save money.

Christmas lights are another story. Often they will be passed down through generations, but if your parents are still into decorating their house then you may be stuck with buying them for yourself. If you can stand waiting another year to get them, you will be able to save quite a bit of money by waiting until after Christmas to buy them from stores. To decorate your entire house, you will need quite a few lights. By getting them on sale, you can ensure that your entire house is lit up.

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