How To Create A Stunning Updo

With prom season right around the corner, you are no doubt already thinking about how you want to wear your hair for the special night. While many of your friends may end up spending a fortune getting their hair done at a salon, you can easily do your hair at home and achieve stunning results. The key is in the details.

When creating updos at home, one of the hardest things to do is craft perfect twists and dramatic effects. But you can have equally stunning results by taking a few shortcuts. Here are a couple of ideas that you can do yourself at home.

Loose, Romantic Updo

Remember Kate Winslet’s hair in the Titanic? This classic, romantic updo is very simple to pull off at home. All you need is a medium sized curling iron, some bobby pins and super-hold finishing spray.

To begin, start with dry hair. Give your hair a once over with the hairspray and start to curl your hair in ringlets. You can do this by taking ” sections starting in the nape while pinning the rest of the hair up. After completing each section, pull down another ” parting and curl until the whole head is covered in Shirley Temple ringlets. (Don’t worry; it’s not going to stay like that.)

Next, pull hair in 1″ sections from around the hair line. Twisting slightly and loosely, pull the sections up and back toward the top of the crown and pin into place. Continue around the entire perimeter of the head until all of the hair is pinned up. If the curls on the crown look a bit funky, rearrange them to where you would like them and pin into place. You can also leave tendrils of soft hair falling around the face and neck of this updo to create a wispy effect. Spray to hold.

Fun and Modern Updo

This updo is extremely easy to create. Start again dry hair. First, create a dramatic design parting in the front and top of the head. You can do a zigzag parting or an angled parting, really any parting that adds interest. Sleek the rest of the hair down and back to the nape of the neck in a temporary ponytail. Holding the ponytail in your fist, twist up until the end of the hair are pointing up and over the crown leaving only about 1″ of hair to play with. Hold with a clip and fan the ends out with some pomade or styling wax. Spray to finish.

You see, it’s not that hard. And when your friends all show up with cookie-cutter hairdos and less money in their pockets, you can smile with the knowledge that you not only have an individual updo but that you also have more money to burn.

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