How To Download Digital Music At No Cost

If you are like me and love to listen to digital music but do not know much about downloading music on a computer this will hopefully help you to understand it a little better. I looked at many different sites on downloading music. The majority of them cost money. Then there are some sites where you can listen to the digital music for a short period of time and then have to pay so much per each song you want to hear.

I also saw some sites that you can use the site for about a month then have to pay so much each month after that. I thought that would be OK at least I could listen to free music for a month. I found out I could listen to the music but I could not download it. I was talking to some friends and I was told about frost wire. I thought there would have to be some kind of catch to use this site but there was no catch.

You go to this site and it will have a place where you can type in just the title of a song you want to hear or you can type in what group or individual you would like to hear. It will pull up all the digital music you are looking for. This site also has genre on it. This shows all the different types of music you can pull up on the computer. It has country,rock,blues,disco easy listening, r&b, rap, ballad, big band, oldies,etc…. It has so many different types of music I can’t list them all.

Frost wire also has a search engine,community chat,and a library where it stores all your music in alphabetical order. In the library it has continuous,play option and also it has shuffle. You can check mark shuffle and it plays the songs at random. This site also has audio, video, images,shared files, and incomplete files. After you type in a song or artist hit search and it will bring up all the digital music from that artist or individual.

When you see the song or songs you like you will see the type,size,and speed of the song.On the majority of the songs you will see 4 stars to the left of the song,and you will see some numbers on the left. It is best to download a song that has a number by it. The song will download faster. After you download your song you will see a clear / inactive button. You will want to click that clear / inactive button. This will save it into your library of music.

Anytime you want to find a new song or artist just click on the search button and that will bring you back to the original site where you started downloading. I also think it is important not to download more then one song at a time. It will take much longer to download if you try to do more then 1 at a time. So if you really want to find the digital music you really enjoy and do not have to pay a penny go to this site and try it out. I am sure you will enjoy the music as much as are family does.

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