How To Find Cheap Airline Tickets

Okay, so if you’re even pondering the concept of using the net to search for cheap airline tickets you’ve heard of Orbitz, or perhaps Travelocity, Expedia or Priceline. Before you go running off to the online travel agency with the most expansive commercial campaigns, take a moment to see what the second tier of online travel agencies have to offer.

I was trying to plan a trip to Seattle, Washington and thought I would simply swing by Orbitz and find the cheapest airline tickets possible. I mean the prices must be nearly the same at all the big online travel agency sites, right?

I searched throw possible flights and connections, then did the same at a few other of the hugest airline ticket websites on the net. And yes, the prices were nearly identical. Though the extra fees and some other minor flight details were different, the prices and itinerary were pretty much the same.

I was less than impressed with the results of these so-called bargain airline tickets sites. I mean I’m used to being able to find the best bargains on the web and sincerely thought I would have turned up a better airline ticket deal in the two or three hours I spent pouring over the biggies like Expedia. The thing that irked me is that the prices weren’t that much lower than buying them directly from the airlines no matter how far in advance I tried to book flight.

Finally, after adding copious amounts of secondary search terms to my Google search, I found a handful of travel websites that had lower prices. I quickly determined that there existed a somewhat lesser known circle of travel websites that offered the same range of somewhat lower airline ticket prices than all the big sites.

I ended up saving a couple hundred bucks on two tickets between Houston and Seattle, roundtrip. Though this is only a fraction of what the whole trip cost, it was worth it to me. I’ll always go with one of the lesser known cheap airline tickets websites. Just keep adding search terms to your search until you quit seeing the same top travel websites in the results and before you know it you’ll find the extra cheap airline tickets you’re looking for.

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