How To Get Your Free Credit Report

Your free credit report supplies you with all the necessary information you need to know about your personal credit history. You can request your credit report personally and receive the information online. Without much effort and a small amount of time, you can request a “free copy of my credit report” from an online service.

The website Annual Credit Report allows you, the consumer to review your free credit report once a year. If you do not have access to a computer, you can request a credit report by filling out the information available from the FTC and sending it to the address provided for Annual Credit Report.

The three top credit agencies that you receive a credit report from are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. These credit-reporting agencies have all your personal information as well as your credit history and your credit score. All the reports come as one request per year. If you decide to ask each credit agency separately in writing for this information, without using Annual Credit Report services, you have to pay a fee for the credit report.

If you have received a denial on a loan or credit card, a job or an insurance policy, you can still receive a credit report free from the credit agencies without payment. This has been a ruling for years and this free service does not affect that option. Because your credit report is free, viewing it once a year prevents any problems down the road from fraudulent claims or identity theft as well.

Obtaining a free credit report online is done by visiting the website and checking “free copy of my credit report” then submitting your information. This is a free credit report without a credit card. Annual Credit Report does not charge to view your credit report like some sites. It is hassle free and quick with no payment needed, unless you request your credit score, which is a different type of credit history.

Since your credit report supplies creditors with information on your payment history, how much credit you have taken out and still have or have paid off, you want to stay on top of the credit report to catch any errors that may occur. The report also get creditors see how many times you applied for credit and been denied or approved. Because of this reporting process, you may find some applications that you never knew about. For more info see on slow payment history.

Get your free credit report today from Annual Credit Report and see what your credit history says about you and your finances. Do not get turned down for a loan or a job because you had no idea that your credit report stated something less than satisfactory.

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