How to Go About Breeding Chihuahuas

Here are some things to know about breeding Chihuahuas before you buy a dog..

Breeding chihuahuas is not just something a professional does “for fun” one time. Instead, they make an investment in good quality stock. They make sure their breeding pairs have good lineages and top health marks.

Professionals that are breeding Chihuahuas are in it for the long haul. They expect to be in business for 15 years or more. You shouldn’t buy a dog from someone who has only produced a few litters. You want to see how their Chihuahuas do over time.

Most people who are breeding Chihuahuas will not make their living off of breeding. It tends to be more of a side business for them. But that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t take their responsibilities for the dog seriously.

Very small, or toy Chihuahuas have become popular of late as celebrity women have taken to carrying them around in a purse or bag. But these Chihuahuas are not very healthy in general, and most ethical Chihuahuas Breeders will not breed dogs specifically for this purpose. While you will occasionally find a “runt of the litter” at this size, breeding for it is unethical.

If you are breeding Chihuahuas, you should get a great deal of satisfaction from their business as they are unlikely to make “bundles of money” from the trade. Dog breeders who get into it only for the money are inclined to mistreat the dog which can lead to problems for you down the road.

Chihuahua breeder should also be aware of hereditary problems that strike the breed and make sure that they breed accordingly. You don’t want a dog with two parents with dominant health issues, no matter how “cute” or “personable” the dog is.

If you plan to buy a show dog, you need to get all of the registration when breeding chihuahuas. If you don’t get these papers up front, you will not be able to show or place your dog in competition.

When you are ready to mate your dog, you can go to a Chihuahuas breeders to find a perfect match. For a fee, these people will be willing to match you with a dog of the opposite gender for breeding purposes. In this way, you can make some money off your pet. But, don’t confuse this with breeding Chihuahuas for a living.

Male and female dogs should have the same temperaments. They should compensate for each other’s flaws (and every Chihuahua has flaws, whether you are willing to admit it or not!) If you have a female dog, be prepared to pay a stud fee as you will receive all of the proceeds from the litter (minus the Chihuahua’s breeder’s finders fee if there is one). Stud fees can range from $500 to $2000. You can breed a dog when she is in heat or you can use artificial insemination.

Probably the most important factor for breeding Chihuahuas is the temperament of the dog. Placing the right dog with the right family is key to being an ethical Chihuahuas breeder.

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