How To Listen And Download Digital Music With Windows Media Player

I enjoy listening to many different types of music. I am on the computer several hours a day and the music I can listen to on the windows media player is great. You can listen or download digital music through windows media player. To log on to this site just go to their websites that are available to you online. You will see different types of window media players you can download. If you have an older computer such as a windows 98 computer you would want to download windows media player 7.1 version.

If you have a windows xp which is the most common type of computer people have you would use a window media player 11 for windows xp. On this type of computer you will usually have it set on 64-bit. I like using this for all my digital music because first of all it is free and second of all windows media player is available for all computers. When you download the player you will also see it has a library to store all your music in. It also has a guide that will pull up music,movies,TV/celeb,radio,and games.It will show you on the guide Hollywood gossip,editors picks, summer flicks,sports,and Internet radio. I really enjoy the Internet radio.

This Internet radio has any type of digital music you would want to hear. This is a free site but you may have to listen to a short advertisement between songs. I guarantee you the advertisement on the Internet radio is a lot shorter then listening to a radio station. The windows player also has a burn option. You can download all your favorite music and store it in your library and then put a blank CD in your CD ROM drive on your computer and burn the songs you like the best.

When you select the files of music you want to burn you will see on the left hand side it says burn list. On the right hand side you will see CD drive d. On this side will be all the music you have downloaded. Make sure you go to the left hand side and click on all music. This will pull up all the music you have in your library. When you get all your digital music pulled up just click on which song you want to burn and it will automatically put your song on your burn list.

When you start putting all your music on your burn list it will let you know when your CD is full. It will say not enough room. At that time is when you stop putting songs in and start burning your CD. It will burn 1 song at a time and say complete after each song is done. When the CD is finished burning you will see your CD ROM on your computer will open automatically. If you are unsure how to get blank Cd’s to burn you can usually buy them at a retail store for 10.00 or less for about 20 blank Cd’s.

As you can see the windows media player can be used for many different things. The majority of people find this very easy to use when trying to find any type of digital music. So check the windows player out and enjoy all the digital music you like for free.

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