How to Make your Teleconference Productive

If you are an avid information seeker and attend teleconference calls on a regular basis then you already know how to dial-in to the teleconference call, access a presentation via the internet, as well as enter a live teleconference meeting room on the web. Even though there are hundreds of things to know about attending a teleconference meeting, perhaps the most vital is that you should be able to keep your teleconference meeting productive. This is an important rule for both hosts of teleconference meetings and participants of them. If your meeting is not productive then chances are that your business will have a great chance of failure and not many people will be apt to attend your teleconferences in the future. After all, word does spread, which is why your meeting needs to be as productive as possible in order to attendants to be able to quickly grasp important information.

For Participants – Being Productive at a Teleconference Meeting

As mentioned, both hosts and participants of these types of meetings need to stay focused. Focus is the key to being successful, and there are plenty of ways to stay focused on a teleconference meeting as a participant. The first thing that participants should do is to have a notepad and writing utensil handy for those times that they have questions that pop into their mind. On the other hand, note-taking is an essential form of learning and should also be done at a teleconference whether that meeting is being conducted via a telephone or live web feed.

Another way that participants can be productive is through the use of questions and answers. This is especially important while attending a web teleconference that enables chatting between members. For example, while the main presentation is going on members are sometimes able to chat with each other. If there is dead air for a few seconds team members are able to quickly interact with each other to figure out what they missed.

For Hosts – Staying Productive at your Teleconference Meeting

On the other hand, hosts have a larger responsibility to make sure the focus of the teleconference meeting doesn’t get shifted to what is going on in parts of the world, what everyone will be doing on the weekend, or why a specific person couldn’t make it to the conference call. One of the ways in which hosts of teleconference meetings can make their presentations productive is by starting on time. This is especially important for internet teleconference meetings. It has been said that people have a shorter attention span while surfing the web, and if that is true then starting on time makes all the difference.

Another way that hosts can choose to stay productive at the meeting is to stick to the tasks at hand. This can be accomplished in many ways, but the most useful is to have a checklist of everything that needs to be gone over. If you focus on just one or two things for a great deal of time and ten things need to be reviewed during an hour period for the teleconference meeting then it probably will not end up being too productive!

All of these pointers are important things to do in order to stay productive on a teleconference call. Not only will the participants appreciate everyone else’s focus on making the conference meeting a success, but hosts are able to take part in this as well. After all teleconference meetings are designed for success, which is why productiveness should be kept at a maximum level!

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