Howard Clocks Make Beautiful Inspiring Grandfather Clocks

Howard clocks (also known as Howard Miller) are some of the best clocks on the market today… at any price. Howard Miller has been making a wide range of clock styles since it’s founding in 1926.

This dedication to perfection started at an early age. Howard was taught at a young age by his father Herman in the Black Forest region of Germany. This coupling of German engineering and the beautiful woods species available in the Black Forest has made it possible to make incredibly precise time pieces that are also works of art.

In the early days, just after opening his company in the U.S., the company specialized in making mantel clocks and chiming wall clocks. The company started manufacturing it’s own styles in the 30’s and even won many design awards.

As unlikely as it may seem, the company temporarily gave up it’s clock making during the second world war and instead partnered with Ford to make anti- aircraft parts.

In the early 1960’s the company underwent another change, they started creating their own design of grandfather clocks (also known as tall case clocks). These impressive looking time pieces stood between 6 – 8 feet tall. With a front window that allowed access to the pendulum, chains and cables, it was truly and impressive piece of time keeping furniture.

In the mid 60’s the company built a state of the art manufacturing facility in Michigan. Howard Miller soon became the largest grandfather clock manufacturer in the world.

For many a Howard Miller clock was simply out of their range financially. These clocks served as a testament to the wealth and prestige of a family. The beauty and remarkable craftsmanship of these clocks have made them a favorite heirloom piece for many families over the years.

The company makes virtually any type of clock you can imagine, not just grand father clocks. If you love the look of a grandfather clock, but you just don’t have the room you might want to consider getting a wall mounted grandfather clock. These clocks have the same styling features of the full sized clocks, but in a much smaller size, obviously since they can be mounted on the wall.

If you like cuckoo clocks or mantle clocks, Howard Miller has you covered there too.

You will also have many choices when it comes to the style of your clock such as the type of wood you want, the stain or paint color, the type of chimes you want and even many of the finishing touches on the case you choose.

Many styles of clocks will have decorative elements on the case such as marble, brass, glass and porcelain. All of these options can be combined to create the perfect accent to your home, no matter how much or how little room you may have.

Howard Miller, or Howard clocks, can allow you to invest in a precision, heirloom quality time piece that can be passed down from one generation to the next. With so many options in wood tone, clock styling, size and wood finishes, you’ll be sure to find just the right clock for your home.

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