Important Auto Racing Jargon

It is a definite fact that auto racing is a popular pastime for a whole lot of people, but the jargon that is used during these activities is sometimes downright difficult to understand and process, though. If you are interested in auto racing then chances are that you’ve heard and naturally understand most of the language that’s spoken simply because it becomes second nature to those who are surrounded by it. On the other hand, if you are new to auto racing or would like to get involved with the sport then there are certain pieces of language and jargon that you should get used to. Here are some common words that are used that can also be used very differently in everyday life.

Firewall – No, the term “Firewall” has nothing to do with security on a computer; however, it does have a lot to do with protection. For the driver during an auto racing activity, the firewall is the piece of metal that sits between him or her and the engine itself. Even though this doesn’t seem like it would do a great deal to protect the driver during an auto racing crash, many people contend that the Firewall works like a charm!

Banking – This is also another word used during auto racing jargon that could also take on another form that means something related to money and banking. On the other hand, this auto racing word means the increased slope that a racetrack makes when rounding the corners. For many people involved with auto racing the banking of the automobile is very important because it matters where the car is located when it makes the turn. Being on the inside or outside of the track during a banking involvement makes all the difference between victory and defeat!

Groove – Just when you thought that the jargon for auto racing could get no more unusual, the word “Groove” has to appear. However, the groove during an auto race means something totally different, but also some equally important to how the race is run. For example, when someone during their auto racing sport is talking about the Groove that they are in during a race, what they are most likely talking about is the position that they are in on the track. For example, there are two basic grooves in auto racing: one on the inside and one on the outside. If you are on the outside of the track you are said to be on the outside Groove when auto racing and the opposite is true of the inside track.

Pit Road – This term probably makes the most sense and also is probably the term for auto racing jargon that many people already know about. But the term “Pit Road” refers to the dirt and gravel road that is used for the Pit Crew. Furthermore, when auto racing the drivers are able to pull over in order to change their tires, add more gasoline to their cars, as well as various other small odd jobs that might be needed during a race. The Pit Road is probably one of the best phrases that makes sense within the auto racing industry and does mean a lot to those involved.

As you can see, there is plenty of auto racing jargon to get trapped in while in the world of auto racing. Even though some of it seems like it might be straightforward, there are plenty of phrases and words that are used that just may totally baffle those who don’t know enough already!

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