Important Birthday Milestones

Unless you are a total downer then you are probably among the billions of people who celebrate their birthday every year. Birthdays are a fun event to be celebrated and there are a dozen ways in which your birthday can be turned into an awesome day for everyone! There are definitely some important birthday dates, though, and these usually revolve around a special birthday tradition for the age that you’re celebrating. Chances are that you already know about the birthdays that you have celebrated, but here are some important birthday milestones for the ages that you have not quite reached yet!

Your 16th Birthday Milestone!

When your young and in high school many people could not wait for their 16th birthday! In many of the States in America age 16 is the age at which you can officially get your drivers license and go out driving without your parents. Many high school students continue to celebrate their 16th birthday by taking road trips during the Summer or during Winter or Spring break if their birthday falls during the school year. An even more important concept is parents who buy cars for their children at this age because a car is an excellent gift for a 16th birthday!

Your 18th Birthday Milestone!

This is an even more important birthday milestone just because of the fact that many young adults can’t wait to graduate high school and leave the house that they’ve lived in all their lives so far! The 18th birthday signifies freedom, usually maturity, as well as independence for most people.

Your 30th Birthday Milestone!

Some people don’t consider their 30th birthday to be all that of a big deal, however, some men and some women do find it a little disheartening to turn 30. Sometimes it means that they’re on their way to being old-aged and other times individuals may become a little depressed over the thought of their goals that haven’t been accomplished yet. Turning 30, though, doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom and should be celebrated!

Your 50th Birthday Milestone!

This is another birthday that may have some gloom and doom along with it and it may perhaps be followed by a short mid-life crisis. As with your 30th birthday, though, age 50 should be celebrated. It shouldn’t be a sign that you’re getting older; on the other hand, you should look at it as though you are getting wiser and smarter than the younger people on the planet!

Your 75th Birthday Milestone!

Even though some people may not make it to 75, you may be reminiscing at this point if you have reached age 75. Many elderly people think back to the good days when they were young and would relish the thought of being 20 again!

These are the most important birthdays that you could celebrate in your lifetime! Many good things happen when you hit these milestones. This is not to say, of course, that good birthdays aren’t sprinkled in between these milestones, but they certainly have a nostalgia that comes along with them!

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