Inexpensive Whole Life Insurance

We live in an age where knowledge is power. We are bombarded with information through various media. Although we are overloaded with information, it certainly has made our decision-making processes easier. The Internet is one such powerful medium that offers information and advice at a fraction of cost.

Whole life insurance is costlier than term insurance but provides more benefits. One might ask if there is a way to find whole life insurance policies that are inexpensive. There are Internet insurance services that offer inexpensive quotes. Even a close investigation among friends and relatives might reveal insurance products that are inexpensive. But as the saying goes, “there is no free lunch”.

When searching for inexpensive quotes, Internet services bring forward a template of questions to be answered such as age, history of diseases and smoking and drinking habits. In essence, the questions are designed to find out how healthy an individual is. Often, the younger the individual one, the better the chances of good health; additionally, the absence of smoking and drinking habits reveals that the chances of getting fatal diseases are less. The quote may be less expensive only if the answers indicate good health and chances of long living.

Insurance providers exist to make a profit. The way to increase their bottom-line profit is to increase the revenue from premiums and to decrease the chances of giving death benefits. This can be done by obtaining young and healthy policyholders. Hence, the clue to obtaining inexpensive insurance policies is to purchase a policy when one is young and to stop smoking. The policy for a non-smoker may be 10-20% less expensive than that for a smoker. It is difficult to get an inexpensive policy when one falls ill. So it is beneficial to get a policy when one is still healthy. It is advised to get quotes from different companies for the same policy and to ask free opinions from friends and relatives before buying a policy.

All of this information essentially means that there is no inexpensive insurance policy. It all depends on the individual and the needs.

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